Parents play an irreplaceable role in their child’s development.

The Parents as Teachers (PAT) model is an evidence-based early childhood home visiting framework for families with children prenatal through kindergarten entry that builds strong communities, thriving families and children who are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Program Components

  • Personal Visits are designed to meet the needs of each individual family with intensity ranging anywhere from twice monthly to weekly.
  • Group Connections are provided monthly to ensure families build social connections with each other and learn new ways to support their child’s development.
  • Screening is done on a regular basis for each child’s health and developmental progress.
  • Resource and Referral Network connects families to needed resources, strengthening protective factors and fostering positive change.

Kershaw County community partners created a coordinated referral system to effectively serve children and their families in the context of parenting and school readiness. KCFS in-take procedure collects client needs and documentsif the client is already enrolled in partner services. A follow-up process is completed as needed.

Risk Factor Profile

 % in Poverty  90% 
 % < HS Diploma  35%
 % Babynet eligible  30%

PAT Outcomes

  • Increase parent knowledge of child development andimprove parenting practices
  • Provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Increase children’s school readiness and school success

First Steps PAT programs measure progress through pre/post assessments of parenting skills using the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS) and the Adult-Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI).

PAT by the Numbers 2014-2015

Families Served  18
Children Served 21
Total Home Visits 199
Hours Spent Serving Families 206.33

Parent Educators helped me relieve a lot of stress with my child.  I have become more responsible with my child.  I am a better Mother.  I can see the change.  She is ready for school and I know how to help her. - Ms. Hansen, PAT Mother 

Parents As Teachers - Family Strengthening

Why Training Works

Clients in First Steps home visitation programs, including PAT, saw significant increases in their pre- and post-assessments. Overall, 54% of participants who scored at a low quality of parenting improved to a moderate quality of parenting, 44% who had moderate parenting skills moved to high quality, and 11.9% who had low quality parenting at pre-test increased their skills to high quality.
First Steps Evaluation High Scope Educational Research Foundation, 2009

Program Results 14-15

  • Averaged 16.67 home visits per family
  • Identified and addressed 6 potential developmental delays
  • Made 26 connections for families to services such as Adult Education, Library Resources, Mental Health and Medical Services.

Thanking our Partners

  • Sandhill Medical Clinic
  • Kershaw County Library

United Way Community Partner