We need you!

Kershaw County First Steps’ mission is to support families in Kershaw County so that all children enter school ready to learn. First Steps will leverage existing resources and work collaboratively to serve all children and their families beginning in areas where the need is greatest. Kershaw County First Steps has partnered with the United Way of Kershaw County to implement a literacy strategy focused on reading camps with free books.
The BEE Program (Reading Camp) is a partnership between Kershaw County First Steps and the United Way of Kershaw County. The benefits include:

  • Free monthly books for children enrolled in the 3 – 4 year olds;
  • Free pre/post child assessment to create a baseline measure of enhancement, using the State literacy inventory.
  • Volunteer literacy Coach will visit monthly to assist with literacy strategies/activities;
  • Using the” book of the month”, the teacher/parent will create literacy activities

Based on your history with working with children, I am writing to ask if you would have any interest in volunteering with the BEE Program in KC. The types of volunteer positions we have:

  • Literacy Coach– volunteer to read once a month to the enrolled classroom; implement the literacy knowledge assessment to enrolled class; and provide teachers/parents with literacy strategies (handouts/materials provided by KC First Steps). The length of time in the classroom is one (1) hour per month.
  • Literacy Coordinator– volunteers to develop literacy packets, newsletters, activities that can be distributed by Literacy Coach during their monthly visits. Assist KCFS staff to analyze literacy assessment. The Literacy Coordinator will be provided with a work space in the Kershaw County First Steps office.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact Kimberley Jordan at (803) 432-7756 or by email at kjfirststeps@att.net.